The cancelation of the Tongyeong International Music Festival because of spread
2020-06-12 10:53:35

The cancelation of the Tongyeong International Music Festival because of spread of COVID-19 virus ̹

The Tongyeong International Music Foundation has decided to cancel the previously planned 2020 Tongyeong International Music Festival as the governments warning of a crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 has been raised to the highest level.

The theme of the 2020 festival is REALITY, which prepared 26 official performances from March 27 to April 5. Also, 363 artists from 23 counties were expected to participate in this music festival.


The Tongyeong International Music Festival has already sold out several performances through early reservations that ended in mid-January, and has continued to be a hit worthy of its reputation as one of the nations leading music festivals. Unfortunately, however, due to the recent global crisis caused by the COVID-19, the foundation said it decided to cancel the event considering the safety of artist and audiences as a top priority.


The foundation said it will join the national efforts to fight infectious diseases in the future and take good care of the situation so that some programs of the festival can be introduced at an appropriate time within the year. Lastly, it will thank you again for your support to the Tongyeong International Music Festival and make every effort to provide customer service, including ticket refunds, etc.

Tongyeong municipal boys and girls choir awarded the first prize in 2019 Taipei
2019-10-21 17:07:34

Tongyeong municipal boys and girls choir awarded the first prize in 2019 Taipei international choral competiton ̹

Tongyeong municipal boys and girls choir awarded the first prize in 2019 Taipei international choral competiton ̹

Tongyeong municipal boys and girls choir participated in 2019 Taipei international choral competition held in Taiwan.

The choir took part in Children choir sector of 7 categories in the competition which was held from 30th of July to 3rd of August and was awarded the first prize.

The choir achieved a fruitful result which is beyond peoples expectation and has brought the fame to Tong Yeong as a cultural city receiving another special award with singing Arirang in the stage for the grand prize even though the choir participated in an international competition for the first time.

The choir members prepared for the competition for months putting their best effort in it and sang a cappella ,In Monte Oliveti , Tian-a-ka which is a taiwanese folk song and Arirang arranged by Gyuyeong Jin and got a big hand, playing the role as a cultural mission.

Pasi Hyӧkki(a member of the jury from Finland) complemented the chior on the excellent selection of the songs and the elegant style in expressing the songs in the feedback session of the competition.

In addition, the choir members participated in the fringe concert held in National Taiwan University Hospital and not only did they introduce the excellence of the culture of Tong Yeong to the world but also they strengthened their own abilities through the continuous international exchange.

Youth Music Delegation from Kanazawa in Tongyeong
2019-04-11 14:30:23

Youth Music Delegation from Kanazawa in Tongyeong ̹

Youth Music Delegation from Kanazawa in Tongyeong ̹

OEK Angel Chorus and Yuwaku Youth Ensemble from Kanazawa, Japan made a visit to Tongyeong from 29. March to 1. April during the Tongyeong International Music Festival 2019. Kanazawa youth delegations visit was part of the UCCN joint project - the two cities have been exchanging artists. Last year, Tongyeong Boys and Girls Choir was invited to Kanazawas Spring Green Music Festival.


Kanazawa Youth Music Team performed both at the Cherry Blossom Festival and Fringe Festival and was loved by the audience. Childrens powerful play of Japanese traditional percussion fascinated people who gathered together for the event.  OEK Angel Chorus presented such a mind blasting performance singing Evening Glow and Arirang together with Tongyeong Boys and Girls Choir at Standford Hotel & Resort.


The beautiful harmony of OEK Angel Chorus and the rollicking performance of Yuwaku Youth Ensemble truly added more colors and fun to the festival held in the city of Tongyeong. The children took pride in performing on the stage outside Kanazawa by introducing their traditional music and culture. They also had special moments with the families who kindly hosted them at their homes during their stay in Tongyeong.

Dream Orchestra Tongyeong's 5th concert!
2018-12-11 10:17:31

Dream Orchestra Tongyeong's 5th concert!  ̹

Dream Orchestra Tongyeong presented its regular season concert at Tongyeong Concert Hall on 6 December, 2018.


The program of the concert was as follows :

Poet and Peasant Overture - Franz v. Suppé

Young Composers

1. The Suns Diary

2. Avengers vs. 2014 Godzila

3. Gift by Nature and Four Seasons

Instant Concert - Harold L. Walters


Piano Concerto No. 21. K.467 Wolfgang. A. Mozart/ Piano by Tak In-jun

Amparito Rocca J. Texidor

Symphony Unfinished Franz Schubert

- Conducted by music director Hwang Eun-seok


64 members practiced hard to prepare for this concert, and the audience responded to their performance with a big round of applause. They must have felt a great sense of reward and achievement.

It has been already 5th years since it started in Tongyeong. For the last several years, the members of Dream Orchestra Tongyeong have taken lessons from music teachers twice a week and presented regular concerts. The members practicing in 12 different instrument sections are growing year by year by listening to each other and making music together. The experiences of being absorbed in music - discovering the joy of participating in arts activities, building emotional intelligence, and cultivating creativity- will be invaluable assets to them in the future.

The program aims to go beyond simple instrument education to enable children to communicate through orchestra ensemble activities and improve their self-esteem for personal growth and well-being. Linked to Venezuelas El Sistema, the music education program advocates music and orchestra for everyone. Socially and economically underprivileged children can also receive music lessons develop solidarity, harmony and mutual compassion by making music together.

They have recently been also involved in various events like Tongyeong Citizens Day, and the joint music concert (750 people from 20 places) in cooperation with other cities dream orchestras, bringing joy and vibrancy to the community through music.

Island concerts
2018-12-05 16:36:35

Island concerts ̹

In 2018, Tongyeong, UNESCO City of Music held two island concerts.


First concert took place in Yokji Yeonhwa Island on 21 July. The concert designed to provide entertainment for visitors coming to Yeonhwa island to enjoy its beautiful landscape was also a platform to introduce local amateur musicians working as Tongyeong Street Musicians.


5 teams such as All-to-One, the Ant and Grasshopper, Moon Tae-il Band, Toyeong Band, and Yokji 72 Band presented passionate performances on the hot summer day. It has been the first joint stage for Tongyeong street musicians since its launch.


On 3 November, another concert titled Island imbued with Autumn was held at a gym of Wonryang elementary school in Yokji isalnd. The concert was designed to offer the enjoyment of cultural goods and services for islanders remote from the city center.


The opening stage of Yokji 72 band was followed by poetry recitations, pan flute performance, reciting a poem praising a life of admiral Yi Sunshin, and Korean trot music performance. Many islanders, including numerous elderly people, came to the concert and were pleased with its well matched program to the autumn season.


Tongyeong music city will continue to hold various concerts featuring different genres of music in order to improve access to and participate in cultural life as well as the enjoyment of cultural goods and services.