▶Tongyeong Exhibition held at Brucknerhaus, Linz in Austria◀ – Tongyeong…
2016-11-22 10:19:16

▶Tongyeong Exhibition held at Brucknerhaus, Linz in Austria◀ – Tongyeong Perspectives 관련이미지

Bruknerfest, which pays tribute to Linz-born composer Anton Bruckner, is held annually in Linz, Austria. This month-long autumn celebration of the music festival includes an exhibition that puts spotlight on one specific nation and introduces its culture to the audience. The Republic of Korea was selected as the nation for such exhibition of this year’s edition of the Bruknerfest. According to “South Korea” nation theme, a number of Korean musicians who are actively involved in the world classical music scene were invited to perform at the Brucknerfest.  

Tongyeong Exhibition named “Tongyeong Perspectives- Korean Artists from the Land of Sea” opened in the Bruknerhaus. The exhibition ran from 17. September through 3. October. Some artwork pieces of Isang Yun, Hyuck Lim Jeon, Chun Soo Yun, and Sang Ok Kim were presented in both German and English texts with visual and audio aids. Pictures of Tongyeong landscape and traditional patterns that have long been used often in Tongyeong were displayed as well.

Music admirers visiting the Brucknerfest were fascinated  by Korean musicians’ great performance and were given a good opportunity to get to know Korea’s cultural identity and its status in the world  from this Tongyeong Perspective Exhibition.

Tongyeong has been projected as a city of Music on a global scale through this exhibition by introducing Tongyeong’s natural and cultural asset in an artistic manner in one of major classical music festivals held in Europe.

Linz was designated as a European Capital of Culture in 2009. With its urban regeneration effort and investment in the cultural infrastructure such Ars Electronica Center, Lentos Art Museum including Brucknerhaus, the city of Linz has changed its image and raise its visibility and profile as a cultural city on an international scale.

Linz joined UNESCO Creative Cities Network as Creative City of Media Arts a year earlier than Tongyeong, designated a UNESCO Creative City of Music in 2015.

This exhibition is the first of a number of projects which will bring the two cities closer together, next one being a Brucknerfest opera performance at Tongyeong at Tongyeong Concert Hall in the summer of 2017.

Prize winners of 2016 Isang Yun Music Competition
2016-11-07 10:00:41
On 5 November, the final-round auditions of the 2016 Isang Yun Music Competition (Piano discipline) were completed. 9-person-Jury, led by Kim Daejin, awarded prizes.

Main Prizes
1st prize – Seo Woohyeong
2nd prize – Ha Gyutae
3rd prize – Julia Kociuban and Hong Minsu

Secial Prizes
Isang Yun Prize – Seo Woohyeong
Park Seongyong Young Artist Prize – Ha Gyutae

Appearing in the final round were four contestants, who played piano concertos with TFO under the direction of Ken-David Masur. Two contestants selected Tchaikovsky’s piano concert no.1 while the other two selected Brahms piano concerto no.1 and Beethoven piano concerto no.4 respectively.

Seo Woohyeong won the 2016 Isang Yun Music Competition. Second prize went to Ha Gyutae while the third prize was given to two contestants- Julia Kociuban and Hong Minsu. Isang Yun Prize was awarded to Seo Woohyeong, who interpreted Yun’s Interludium A für Klavier very well. Park Seongyong Young Artist Prize was awarded to Ha Gyutae.

All these prize winners traveled to Daegu for their gala concert and performed what they played during the semi-final and final on the stage at Daegu Concert House on 6 November.

A total of KRW 60,400,000 will be granted to the prize winners along with opportunities to give performances organized by Tongyeong International Music Foundation.

Isang Yun Competition offers three instrument disciplines- cello, piano, and violin- in rotation. Violin will take its turn in the 2017 edition of the competition.