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We will guide you to the places where Tongyeoung's music is alive.

위치군 단락
Tongyeong International Music Hall
Isang Yun Memorial park
Tongyeong Community Center
Tongyeong Technique Delivery Center
Independent Community Service Center
Gangguan Culture Plaza
Buksugol Small Theater
Tongyeong City Museum
Trail with Music of Juklim
Donam Music Fountain
RCE Eco Center
Tongyeong Bridge
Tongyeong Undersea Tunnel
Tongyeong City Hall
통영국제음악당 사진

Tongyeong International Music Hall

홈페이지 페이스북 트위터
38, Keunbalgae 1-gil, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Opening Date
November 8th, 2013
규모, 면적, 구성으로 구성된 표
Available Seats 1,309 seats in the Main Hall, 300 seats in the Black Box
Area Site Ares : 33,038㎡ / Total Floor Area : 14,618㎡ (5 floors on the ground)
Facilities Main Hall, Black Box, Rehearsal Room, Outdoor Concert Hall, Restaurant, etc.
Contact Information
The Tonyoung International Music Hall is a music hall exclusive for classic musial music to provide the concert hall with 1,300 seats, the Black Box with 300 seats, and the Outdoor Concert Hall. The Music Hall construction began in March 2010, and is expected to welcome its first audience on March 28th, 2015 with a music festival. The impressive seagull-shaped hall will offer various experience and convenience for visitors through the Music Information Center with useful information about composer Yun, Isang and modern music and the restaurant providing traditional Italian food.