UNESCO Creative Cities of Music

Creative Cities Network Mission Statement

The Creative Cities Network promotes the growth of international cooperation between cities considering the creativity as a strategy for sustainable development by the partnership between private organizations, professional organizations, communities, civil associations, and cultural associations all over the world.

음악창의도시 리스트
Cities Feature Appoint Links
Auckland, New Zealand the heart of New Zealand's music industry 2017 GO
Daegu, South Korea Dague International Opera Festival 2017 GO
Almaty, Kazakhstan Rich music legacy known for musical and poetic improvisation 2017 GO
Pesaro, Italy Native city of Gioachino Rossini, known for its deep operatic heritage 2017 GO
Norrkoping, Sweden Rich and diverse music scene 2017 GO
Amarante, Portugal The birthplace of the viola amarantina 2017 GO
Pria, Cabo Verde the Kriol Jazz Festival and the Gamboa Music Festival 2017 GO
Morelia, Mexico Diverse music scene with large-scale musical programs 2017 GO
Brno, Czech Republic prolific center of the folk genre from multicultural environment 2017 GO
Chenni, India a 6,000-year-old musical tradition 2017 GO
Frutillar, Chile Frutillas Musical Weeks and strong emphasis on music education 2017 GO
Kansas city, USA A strong jazz scene with its heritage 2017 GO