UNESCO Creative Cities of Music

Creative Cities Network Mission Statement

The Creative Cities Network promotes the growth of international cooperation between cities considering the creativity as a strategy for sustainable development by the partnership between private organizations, professional organizations, communities, civil associations, and cultural associations all over the world.

음악창의도시 리스트
Cities Feature Appoint Links
Seville, Spain Inter-racial and inter-verbal communication 2006 GO
Bologna, Italy Rich traditions in music 2006 GO
Glasgow, United Kingdom Establishment of international network 2008 GO
Gent, Belgium Music festivals and professional education institutes 2009 GO
Bogota, Columbia Establishment of infrastructures for promoting music 2012 GO
Brazzaville, Congo Diversity of music 2013 GO
Hamamatsu, Japan Called as Japan's City of Music with its thrving musical instrument industries 2014 GO
Hannover, Germany The choir of Germany 2014 GO
Mannheim, Germany Multi-cultural atmosphere and varied music offerings 2014 GO
Adelaide, Australia Australia's premier city of live music 2015 GO
Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal Boom Festival integrating sustainability with arts and culture 2015 GO
Katowice, Poland Rich music infrastructure 2015 GO
Kingston, Jamaica The birthplace of Reggae music and venue of various music festivals 2015
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo Music, dance, and culture are a lifeline and an escape in Kinshasa 2015 GO
Liverpool, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The birthplace of "the Beatles" and host to various music festivals with many venues for performing music 2015 GO
Medellin, Colombia A wide range of music festivals 2015 GO
Salvador, Brazil Notable for its Afro-Brazilian culture : Rich African influences in music 2015
Varanasi, India Live music all year round in Varanasi 2015 GO