Traditional Music

전통음악 단락
Namhaean Byeolsingut
Tongyeong Ogwangdae
Tongyeong Daechuita

Tongyeong Samhyeonyukgakjinchum Preservation Society

  • Name of President : Ha, Sun-Ju(the leader of Ari Dance Company)
  • Members : Sim, Min-Suh and 18 Others

The Tongyeong Samhyeonyukgakjinchum Preservation Society is a society to combine the ritual music of Tongyeong, Samhyeonyukgak classical music, and Tongyeong Jinchum. There had been a government agency called Shincheong to unite and educate many gifted artists in Tongyeong. The Tongyeong Jinchum, one of the art lessons taught by Shincheong, includes unique characteristics of dances in Gyeongsang-do. In particular, the wrist movement is very ancient not be found in present time, and the Dolimsawee and Hubaesawee with joyful shoulder movement and towel movement are very unique movements of Tongyeongjinchum. The rhythm of Samhyeonyukgak for the dance was also outstanding. Various records indicate that the nobles from other regions were also admired by Tongyeongjinchum and support the it surpassingness.

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