Traditional Music

전통음악 단락
Namhaean Byeolsingut
Tongyeong Ogwangdae
Tongyeong Daechuita

Important Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 21 Seungjeonmu


Seungjeonmu is a dance created by Admiral Yi, Sun-sin for raising the soldiers’ morale and comforting them during the Japanese invasions of Korea, and had been offered to the shrine of the admiral at various victory celebrations and ritual ceremonies by Naval Headquarter of the Three Provinces after the end of Japanese invasion. It was disappeared in 1896 by the pressure of Japanese governments, but restored in 1966, and has been preserved and delivered by the people of Tongyeong after being appointed as the Important Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 21 in 1968. There are two kinds of Seungjeonmu: the drum dance and the sword dance. For the drum dance, there is a drum in the center of stage, and 4 Wonmus(main dancer) wear the blue, white, red, and black clothes representing 4 directions to dance to the Samhyeonyukgak music. For the sword dance, 8 dancers are dancing with sharp swords for improving the soldiers’ morale.

The Seungjeonmu Preservation Society has delivered and preserved Seungjeonmu with about 100 members including 2 holders(Han, Jeong-Ja and Um, Ok-Ja) and several teaching assistances, instructors, and apprentices.

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