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The dreams of musicians are still blooming


Tongyeong, the location of Naval Headquarter of the Three Provinces for defending Joseon Dynasty from Japaneses invasion during the Joseon Dynasty period, had been the birthplace of numerous stars of culture and arts during the Japanese colonial era, the age of obliterating culture and tradition, and was nicknamed Yeohang, the port of arts.

“Tongyeong formerly known as Chungmu once was a distant fishing village in the south, but had produced numerous outstanding artists such as Yun, Isang, a famous composer, Jung, Yun-Ju, Kim, Yong-Ik, an English novelist, Kim, Young-Sik, one of the diplomat brothers, Yoo, Chi-Jim, a dramatist, Yoo, Chi-Hwan, a poet and brother of Yoo, Chi-Jin, Kim, Young-Joo, the first Western-style painters in Tongyeong, and Jeon, Hyeok-Rim. Some people see the necessity of analysis on Chumgmu, the birthplace of numerous gifted people with spiritual vitamins.“ - ‘One Man’s Korea’ written by James Wade.

The talents from Tongyeong have contributed to improve and promote the culture and arts of Tongyeong through ‘Tongyeong Culture Society’ since 1945.

Also, the musicians in Tongyeong have been continuously supported by the TIMF (Tongyeong International Music Festival), a music festival honoring Yun, Isang, the internationally famous composer from Tongyeong, and the Fringe Gestival.

The dreams of musicians are still blooming in Tongyeong.

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