Music Industry

Music and Culture Industry in Tongyeong


The music and culture industry is an industry about creation, production, and distribution from economically valuable products and services by materializing the cultural elements including musical and cultural heritages, life styles, creative ideas, and values based on the creativity and imagination. It is also called the creative industry, and represents a knowledge-intensive high value industry. Based on the global scale market, the music and culture industry is rapidly growing with the development of new digital technologies and the advancement of globalization, and aiming at the diversification, popularization, and communization of culture.

The music and culture industry of Tongyoeng can be classified into the musical education industry, the musical performance industry, and the musical communication industry.

위치군 단락
Musical Education Industry
Performance Industry
Musical Communication Industry

Musical Education Industry

The ‘musical education’ is a process for leading people to experience the beauty of music, develop the eyes for musicality, creativity, purpose, and value of music, and enjoy music in their daily life through various musical activities. It aims to develop the musical emotion and expression by various musical education programs, recognize the pluralistic values of culture, and train people with respect, consideration and creativity.

  • 교육산업 꿈의 오케스트라 사진
  • 교육산업 음악교육 사진
  • 교육산업 예능수업 사진
Public School Music Education
초.중.고 예능 수업, 자유학기제, 방과후학교로 구성된 표
Music Class in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools (272h/3yrs, 12yrs) Students recognize the value of music by various music activities, learn how to play various musical instruments, express their creativities, actively participate in the musical activities, and experience the beauty of music.
Free Semester

The middle school students will be free from the burden of tests, participate in music club, fine art club, dance club, sports club, or other clubs which they are interested in, and find their gifts and dreams based on the career explorations and the participatory activities focusing on discussions.

Participation of 12 Middle Schools in 2014 Tongyeong Oh Yes!
‘The easiest ensemble in the world, Nanta’ by Tongyeong Chunang Middle School, ‘Ukulele, Guitar, IRIS, Vocal Training’ by Chungryeol Girl’s Middle School, ‘Music Story of Hansan Island’ by Hansan Middle School, ‘Musical Class, Guitar Playing Class’ by Sanyang Muddle School, ‘Danso, Ukulele’ by Chungmu Middle School.

After School Program

The creative human resources will be cultivated by ensuring internal stability of school education based on the establishment and management of various programs such as the after school student care program, the protection and guidance program for teenagers, the self-initiated study improvement program, and the personality, creativity, and speciality development program.

‘School with Seed of Art Flower: Bright Star Orchestra’ of Nampo Elementary School, ‘Good Personality Up! Warm Heart Up!: Ocarin Class’ of Jinam Elementary School, ‘Safe After School: Wind Instruments Club, Choir Club’ of Tongyeong Elementary School, ‘Guitar Club, Ukulela Club’ of Tongyeong Girl’s Middle School, ‘Violin Club, Viola Club, Cello Club, Clarinet Club, Flute Club, and Band Club’ of Tongyeong Chungang Middle School, and other 21 schools.

Public Facility Music Educaiton
초.중.고 예능 수업, 자유학기제, 방과후학교로 구성된 표
Tongyeong International Music Hall
  • The dream orchestra
  • Tongyeong municipal boys and girls choir
  • ‘The Little Composer’ of the Dream Attic Saturday Culture School
  • School Concert
  • The Art School of Sea Village with Culture
Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation
  • Dream Choir of Green Umbrella
Tongyeong Technique Delivery Center
  • Namhaean Byeolsingut, Tongyeong Ogwangdae, Seungjeonmu
  • Tongyeong Scholarship for Music
  • National Student Art Contest
  • Yun ISang Children Song Contest
  • Yun ISang International Music Competition